About Us

About Us

Our Belief

CaribbeanWay is a world-class luxury villa rental wholesaler. In business since 1999, how quickly we became a leader in the industry is a testament to our belief in the villa experience. We share that passion with our partners across the world, including the hundreds of villa owners who trust us with their keys and host our mutual guests.

Everything at CaribbeanWay happens with one goal in mind: to design a unique vacation experience that you will want to share with others year after year. We're invested in that goal at all levels-from the villa specialists who field your initial questions to the concierge agents who weave together the final details before you leave.

Emphasizing quality time and life at a slower pace, the villa holiday is a luxurious, more relaxed extension of your every day lifestyle. We recognize that this form of travel is unfamiliar to some, and we take great pleasure in sharing its benefits. To those accustomed to the standardized vacation packages prevalent in the travel industry, we invite you to let us share our depth of personal knowledge in this business and show you a superior way to spend your precious leisure hours.

Our Mission

Through the implementation of innovative ideas and a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction, CaribbeanWay is committed to creating memorable and personalized vacation experiences while upholding the high standards of luxury, quality and convenience that our guests have come to expect.

The CaribbeanWay Family

The creative team that powers CaribbeanWay is part of an extended family of travel specialists. Our sister company, Luxury Retreats International, broadens our clients' choices beyond the Caribbean to include villa rental experiences across the globe's most exotic destinations, keeping consistent the level of service for which the CaribbeanWay brand has come to be known. Luxury Retreats' selection of yacht charters provides another glamorous alternative.

AAA Midatlantic, the trusted name in the automotive and travel industries, has also extended its stamp of approval to the CaribbeanWay name and product. CaribbeanWay is now a preferred supplier for AAA Midatlantic, offering its services to a loyal clientele already familiar with the peace of mind a known brand can offer.

From our family to yours, we offer an experience like no other.