Management Team

Management Team

Each member of the dynamic Caribbeanway management team has a unique role to play in creating your personalized vacation experiences:

Joe Poulin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Poulin, President and CEO

Mr. Poulin has been the President and CEO of CaribbeanWay since he founded the company nine years ago. He has taken his start-up - which originally listed just four properties, had no employees and was located in his bedroom - and turned it into one of the world's largest villa rental specialists. His entrepreneurial rise and achievements have been chronicled in the media and his vision and success have made him one of the most respected leaders in the industry.

Nick Guezen

Director of Product Development

Nick Guezen, Director of Product Development

Nick Guezen joined CaribbeanWay in June 2000 as a villa specialist. Since then he has held several managerial positions and has overseen the growth of the marketing and IT departments, as well as the acquisition of CaribbeanWay's Hawaiian division. His current position entails managing the company's product growth, coordinating the development of top properties, destinations and services around the world to ensure quality for CaribbeanWay's guests. Mr. Guezen has visited many of CaribbeanWay's top destinations, including Necker Island and Hawaii.

Ben Tuff

Director of Marketing

Ben Tuff, Director of Sales & Service

Ben Tuff joined CaribbeanWay in 2000, and is the second-longest serving member of the CaribbeanWay team. Prior to his current role as Director of Marketing, he has served as Director of Sales & Service, Sales Manager and Villa Specialist. In his current capacity, Mr. Tuff is responsible for the development and implementation of Luxury Retreats' database marketing strategies, with the objective of maximizing customer acquisition and ROI. Additionally, he plays an integral role in developing our brand as the company grows.