Message from Joe Poulin

Message from our CEO

As President and CEO of CaribbeanWay, I've had a front-row seat to see the company develop from my own fledgling operation in 1999, surrounded by just a few friends and family members, to international leader today.

With everything that goes along with that growth, I am probably the most proud of keeping CaribbeanWay grounded in the philosophy that I've held since the beginning: that is finding the truth in quality travel, no compromises. It is amazing to be able to sit here and write this message to you with my beliefs still firmly intact.

Seeing the office multiply here in Montreal, I know we've benefited from a location that's at the crossroads of North America and Europe, where creativity and trendsetting comes second nature. Everyone that's part of the CW team oozes the joie de vivre, humor and stylishness of this city. That character is what has allowed us to keep on evolving with new ideas, as far-off as they may seem at first, and dream up matchless concepts.

The team we've put together understands that you not only love to travel, but thrive on the unique and meaningful things that happen when you travel right. Always up for the challenge, they're resourceful and love letting our clients in on the stuff they've learned from their years in the business. A very low turnover rate means that collection of expertise only gets bigger with time. It's this product knowledge and appreciation for the authentic villa experience that we have tons of at CaribbeanWay, something that can not be bought but is infectious among our staff.

From emerging destinations to new, wild experiences, how we travel is changing every day. While we're fired up for some inevitable changes here too, we are committed to the villa holiday being a place where you can stay true to yourself despite the change of location. As always, you can rely on my founding beliefs remaining constant through all of this.

If there's something you feel could add to CaribbeanWay's continuing evolution, give us a call; you can be sure it'll get to me at our next meeting or company frisbee game.whichever comes first.

Looking forward to an inspired year to come,

Joe Poulin